Creating a business plan is one thing, but does it align with your social media strategy? When you don’t align the two things together you create confusion for your audience as to what you are about. Creating this confusion means that you do not achieve any of your business goals. 

Aligning Your Social Media Strategy With Your Business Goals 

It is easy to carry out a social media marketing campaign, but does it align with your marketing plan and business goals? When the 2 are aligned you can an overall effective marketing campaign. Here is how you can align the 2 together. 

SMART Goals 

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SMART goals is a tool that effectively guides you towards achieving your goals. Also, they improve your ability to reach them by setting your objectives . Use SMART goals with your social media marketing efforts by incorporating your social media plan inside of your SMART goals. By incorporating your social media strategy with your business goals then they can work together. 

Content Marketing 

Social media is always crying out for new content, that is why content marketing should be at the forefront of your social media campaign. But is the content you are producing working with your business goals?  

Using SMART goals you can decipher what content you should be producing. With your business goals in mind, you can then work out what goal the content should be producing and how it will help the business goals overall. 

Content marketing does not only help with your business goals but also helps your business stay up to date with the current trends. Current trends of what your target market is looking for content on. An easy way of searching for what is trending on social media is by using the website BuzzSumo. 

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BuzzSumo helps you to find what content is hot property right now on social media.  Therefore, you can plan what content you should be creating for social media that will help you achieve your business goals. 

Track Your Analytics 

Social media platforms have these useful tools called insights. On insights you will be able to see how much engagement you are getting, the time of day you are getting the most engagement and who your audience is. 

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These insights help you with your business goals as you can create a strategy to achieve those goals with social media.  

Analytics can also help you with your paid advertising on social media. As from your insights, you know where your audience is coming from, what age they are, and what gender they are for example. All of these insights will help you to run tactical paid advertising remarketing campaigns in supporting organic posts. 

Remarketing Campaigns 

Remarketing campaigns is the practice of showing ads to people who have visited your website. People who see these marketing ads see more personalized ads that are more relevant and timely.  

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So how can you use the practice of remarketing to support the organic posts you have created for the newsfeed? 

In your organic posts, you should have a call to action. This call to action should be linking to a resource within your website. Therefore, you have gained visitors to your website, so that is half the battle done. 

Now you create an ad on social media (usually Facebook) where your target market is and create an ad on the Ads Manager that targets those people who have visited your website. Here are 5 sure-fire tactics to get started with a remarketing campaign using Facebook. 

  1. Select Audiences 

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  1. Create Custom Audience 

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  1. Select Website Traffic 

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  1. Add Your Pixel 

A pixel is a tracking code on Facebook that you place onto your website and this tracks your website visitors. If you do not know where your pixel code is, here is how you can find it. 

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