Ok, so we don’t usually post general updates, but this week at Media Jelly it’s been crazy busy, with lots of exciting things to talk about including our ventures into the world of publishing and our presence across the pond.

From a small Norwich based office and workshop Media Jelly continues to grow its product and service offering. Defining who we are is becoming difficult; I still like to describe ourselves as a ‘full-service marketing and physical branding agency’. I think that pretty much covers us for the most part, as I believe website design and build, branding, videography, content creation, creative design and advertising come under the marketing umbrella, and printing, signage and vehicle graphics come under physical branding.

Now for the latest service to add to our offering, publishing. So, we get lots of questions about how people can enhance their exposure online and offline, market their business and more. So rather than having to flick through lots of different blog pages, we’ve started to write short eBooks with useful tips and tricks which initially were going to be posted as PDF’s for download in a resource area on the website, but we felt it was easier for you to sit there on your phone or iPad and scroll through an ebook which would be stored nicely on your virtual bookshelf on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. In addition to publishing our own content, we’ve been working hard on producing ebooks and printed books for a couple of our clients, which will shortly be appearing on the Apple and Kindle bookstores as well as leading book retailers in the UK.

I’m also super excited about Media Jelly making it across the pond to the USA, providing automotive retail solutions, digital advertising and ebook publishing. I hope that in 2021 we’re able to expand our offering in the US market further. We’ve got some pretty cool ideas, and a working holiday in the sunshine would certainly be exciting; however, our main focus for the time being is to develop and grow solid foundations here in the UK.