At Media Jelly, we have been very busy recently with providing our new nationwide printing service, which includes creating branded vehicle graphics. From just £69 (including VAT), you can transform the look of your business vehicle to reflect your business or brand.

What are the advantages of having your business vehicle branded with graphics and signage? Here’s just a few reasons…


When we see a vehicle that has business graphics, we automatically assume that the vehicle belongs to a well-established and committed organisation. The public will see you as more trustworthy, as they can instantly see what business you are representing.

This is particularly prevalent if your business provides a service where you will be going to people’s homes. If they see a white van pulling up outside their house, they may feel cautious. However, if your white van has your business name, logo and contact details on, they will know who you are immediately.

Cost-effective Advertising

The main factor a business should consider when thinking about an advertising campaign, is how many people will their advert ultimately reach. Whether that is a newspaper advert, radio, TV or social media advert, you still want to reach as many people as possible. Now think about when you are making a 10 mile drive in your local area, how many cars do you drive past in that time? It is a huge amount. Once you have paid the initial cost of having graphics added to your vehicle, you are effectively marketing to a huge amount of people for free each and every time you get behind the wheel of that vehicle.

Unify your fleet

If you run a business where you have more than one vehicle, branding is definitely an important step to unifying your fleet. Similarly to the above point, if people in the local area are used to seeing your business name on various different vehicles, they will start to realise your business is a well-established one. Having a unified fleet is great if you are going to be working on large scale jobs, where more than one vehicle is needed too.

When choosing your vehicle graphic to represent your business, there are a few things to consider first. Our experts will work with you to consider the longevity of message required and budget to achieve results.

  • Full vehicle wraps cover the entire vehicle in a brand’s logo, images and messaging to deliver high visibility and impact on the road.
  • Partial vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics allow you to cover a small proportion of the vehicle on areas such as the rear windows or side of the van with a logo, images and contact information. This method is often very cost-effective.
  • If a vehicle isn’t always used for business, temporary magnetic car graphics can be a great solution for occasional branding or to raise awareness of an event.

Find out more about our Vehicle Graphics service here.

Why choose Media Jelly?

The Media Jelly team have many years’ experience in providing marketing material for businesses of all sizes and industries. We have invested in outstanding printing machines which can provide you with excellent quality and quick turnaround. We can even ship to anywhere in the UK! 

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