We all know that in this day and age, to have a successful business means having a strong social media presence. This takes thought, planning, consistency and most importantly, time. However, one thing that businesses often forget to factor in within their social media marketing strategy is a budget.

Social media may be a free advertising outlet, as opposed to print media, TV, radio, etc, but to truly benefit from using social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, you need to be regularly spending money on adverts to be able to reap the true rewards.

We have put together some of the main reasons why we think all businesses, no matter their turnover, should always have an advertising budget for social media.

Cut other advertising costs

The fantastic thing about social media advertising is that it is completely flexible and suits every single business – no matter the size. You could spend £10 a week, or you could spend £100,000 a week.

An amazing benefit to advertising on social media platforms is that it is very cost-effective in comparison to more traditional forms of advertising such as radio, newspapers and magazines. A small advert in a local newspaper can cost you a significant amount of money. Do you know exactly how many people are actually seeing your advert and reacting to it? The answer is no. However, with a social media advert, you are able to see real-time analytics as well as reaching significantly more users for the same cost.

Beat the algorithms

It is becoming increasingly common across all social media platforms for business pages to have their content limited in people’s feeds, even if they ‘like’ your page. Algorithms are constantly evolving, and unfortunately, it is making it harder for businesses to increase their post reach without spending a little money on advertising.

Refine your audience

Social media advertising allows you to specify your perfect target audience and demographic. It is your chance to bring your ideal customer straight to your business. You can use advertising tools to select their gender, age range, location, interests and even behaviours. If your business is a very niche market, this is absolutely perfect for you!

Monitor success of campaigns

Once you have set up your demographic, you are all ready to start your campaigns. Whether you choose to run ads on just one platform, or several, it is important that you make a note of what’s working (and what isn’t). You are able to see reach, engagement and actions such as page likes and website clicks. This is valuable information you just wouldn’t be able to get from adverts in newspapers or magazines.

How can Media Jelly help?

Our team are highly experienced in working closely with businesses to help them reach their full potential on social media. We have an expert team of strategists, designers, copywriters, photographers and videographers who are all ready to help you elevate your online presence.

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