Making the most out of your Black Friday promotions

Over the past few years, Black Friday has become a bit of a phenomenon in the UK. It may be slightly different this year with fewer people hitting the high street shops, but it is still going to be a huge opportunity to increase your business’ sales during the period.

Black Friday is Friday 27th November this year, and this is really going to kickstart the lead up to Christmas, with many people hoping to find some great deals on Christmas gifts. With the correct marketing and promotional tools and techniques, you can really use Black Friday to your advantage. Here are some of our top tips in creating seamless promotional materials.

How long should you be running sales for?

Black Friday is no longer a one-day event and actually, most businesses tend to have offers running all week in the lead up to it. There is also Cyber Monday (Monday 30th November) to take advantage of, especially if your business has online sales. We would recommend starting to promote your Black Friday sale or special offers a couple of weeks before to start drip-feeding to your customers. Email marketing is a fantastic way to do this! It is up to you whether you have the sale running exclusively on Black Friday, or whether it runs throughout the whole week – whichever you think would be most beneficial to your sales.

In-store point of sales

If your business consists of a physical store, it is crucial that you have in-store point of sales materials. Not only is this important at any time of the year, but having these displayed around Black Friday and in fact, the lead up to Christmas, can have a significant impact on the amount of money customers spend in your store.

We recommend having the following materials on display around the premises:

  • Posters
  • Totems
  • Shelf signage
  • Stickers
  • Leaflets/Flyers

Online Marketing

Online marketing is something that needs a lot of time and thought going into to get it right. It is something that needs to be built up over time, but one way of ensuring you get good results is consistency, especially when it comes to your marketing material. Across your website, social media platforms, email marketing and any adverts you have running, your content must look like a package. You want people to recognise the campaign across anywhere they happen to see it – this creates strong branding and will stick in the user’s mind. You must make sure you are tracking your online marketing data as much as possible too. Doing this will give you an insight into what is performing well, and what may need adapting in your next campaign.

Media Jelly make your marketing seamless…

Whatever promotional materials you choose to use to promote your Black Friday sale, it is extremely important that it is seamless. Choosing the same colour scheme, branding, imagery and wording across all of your marketing materials allows your customers to instantly recognise your brand. It also just looks so much more professional and well-planned out.

Media Jelly can take care of all of your marketing and promotional materials from signage to stickers, website banners to social media adverts, emailers to remarketing ads. We have a very talented expert team that compile their knowledge together to create amazing campaigns, that lead to even better results.

We are also highly experienced in video and photo shoots which provide you with content of the very best quality, without having to use stock imagery. Give your potential customers a true feel of who your business is.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.