Businesses everywhere are having to react rapidly following the latest advice of the Government and requiring them to close their doors to the public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the worry of decline in sales is very real; however, business does not need to grind to a standstill. 

Here at Media Jelly we specialise in digital marketing and want to help you weather this storm and ensure business can continue as normally as possible. Here’s a few things which can be quickly and easily implemented. 

  • Sell Online: Whether your store sells clothing or cakes, we can get you setup with an online store so you can continue putting pounds in the till. Whether you’re after an off-the-shelf solution or something more bespoke, you could be selling online by the end of the day. 
  • Communicate with Customers: eMail and SMS is a great way of keeping your customers connected, sending them regular updates, promoting products from your online store. Our email marketing platform can monitor activity from your website and tailor communications accordingly to deliver personalised and relative content. 
  • Social Media: Channels such as Facebook and Instagram are a great place to communicate and create a sense of community with your audience, but they are also a great platform to advertise. Whilst boosting a post may gain you a few extra likes, we build targeted campaigns to reach wider audiences with measurable calls to action. 
  • Google Search and Display Advertising: Target those searching for your products or services, or nurture leads over time whatever stage of the pipeline they’re in. 
  • Printed Posters: We’re offering printed A1/A2/A3 posters with a custom message to display in your store window. 
  • Blog Posts: Generating engaging content such as stories, tutorials and articles is a great way of generating traffic to your website, especially if these posts are well optimised, shared via your social channels and promoted with paid ads. 

In addition to promoting your business online, you can continue to communicate with your team members, share and collaborate with applications such as Microsoft Teams. Microsoft are offering Teams for free for the basic version, but is included as part of many Office 365 subscriptions which give you access to a whole host of Microsoft applications including Exchange for emails and for a limited time is free for 6 months. Our partners at Lorica would be delighted to assist you with getting setup and if you quote ‘Media Jelly’ when you talk to them, they’ll offer a great deal on migration and support, click here to find out more & get in touch.