With over 2.6 billion worldwide monthly users, Facebook is still the biggest social media platform. If your business doesn’t yet have a Facebook page set up, you could be missing out on a huge amount of new customers or clients.

From speaking to many small business owners, we are aware that once you have set up your Facebook page, you might not ever review it to make sure it looks professional and that the information is all up to date and correct. You may be great at creating regular content, but if the fundamental parts of your page aren’t performing well, you need to consider how you can improve them.

Here’s a few simple tasks that you can complete in just half an hour to instantly improve your Facebook business page:

Facebook username

Your Facebook username acts as the end part of your page’s URL, e.g. www.facebook.com/mediajelly, as well as being used for other users to tag you in a post or comment. When you create a Facebook page, you will be assigned a random username which you can (and definitely should) change. Check that your username is set up. If it isn’t, this can be changed within the Page Info settings.

Profile picture

It is important for a Facebook business page to have a professional-looking profile picture. Keep it simple, crisp and easy to read. Your business logo would work best for this. It needs to be instantly recognisable for your brand. If you don’t currently have a logo or branding set up, we can help you with this.

Cover image

When a user views your page, the first thing their eyes will be drawn to is the cover image area. You should be changing this regularly to reflect the marketing efforts elsewhere in your business. Whether you have a special offer running, new products, or just a seasonal promotion, this should be reflected. Make sure your image fits the area well on both desktop and mobile devices – you don’t want any text cropped off!

Contact and about information

A Facebook business page is there to generate leads and provide you with an advertising platform. You should treat it as a ‘shop window’. Make sure that you give a great impression with your about section – you only have 255 characters so make them count. Any contact information that you provide must be accurate and up to date, including opening hours. This is especially important in the current circumstances – people need to be able to get hold of you quickly.

At Media Jelly, our social media clients benefit from us regularly checking and working to improve all of the above (and more!) to generate more leads for your business. We compile our expert knowledge to get the very best results for you.

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