Branding is not just all about designing logos and having colours that will make you stand out and attract your target market. Branding is more than this. Branding is about creating an online presence and telling a story that resonates with your target market and at times, pulls at the heartstrings. 

Your brand personality is where it really starts and what will attract your target market to you. 

Develop Your Brand Personality 

Since the dawn of time we have been using stories to capture people’s attention. Attention grabbing stories that provoke an emotion and connect us together.  

As part of these stories we create recognizable characters that we can resonate with. Even from the mythical figure in a fantasy story to a character in a TV advertisement, they all have a story and in some we connect with them.  

Brand personalities are stories that connect your customers with your business. Before you start creating a brand story you need to  

  • Know who your audience is 

Knowing who your audience is will help you to create a story that will resonate with them, how they are feeling and what solutions or results they are looking for. 

  • Know your tone of voice 

Knowing your tone of voice is essential as you need to understand if you need to be formal, conversational, or even add swear words as your audience might treat this as normal everyday language. 

  • Gather feedback 

Gather feedback from a focus group of your target market. Survey your target market as to how they feel about the story, if it makes sense to the brand behind it and if it is a story they can resonate with. 

Create Your Brand Story 

Now you know what your brand personality is, you need to create a compelling story. Examples of a story telling are stories contestants tell on reality shows like The X Factor and The Biggest Loser. All of these reality shows let the contestants tell their story and represent it as a journey. These stories are powerful and are the key to making people watch the shows and vote for their favourite contestants.  

Stories these reality shows have are just like brand stories. There are 3 essential components of a brand story. 

Essential Component #1 Identify The Characters Pain 

Identify your character’s pain at the start of the story, why he is having this pain and why he is struggling to overcome this pain point.  Then further go into this pain by amplifying what will happen if he does not overcome this pain. For instance, if you don’t pay your mortgage you will lose your home, family and end up living on the streets, freezing in a shop door.  

Yes, that may be dramatic but it gives you the idea of how you can go from a small problem to really amplifying the problem at hand unless you find a solution. 

Essential Component #2 Identify The Characters Aspirations 

Every character has an aspiration, this is usually the place they want to get too. In divulging the characters aspirations you want to paint a picture with your words of paradise. So after you have painted the picture of absolute hell you are taking them to heaven.  

Essential Component #3 Provide The Solution 

Providing the solution is where you are connecting the dots between your readers pain, aspirations and your solution. As with anything else, you need to story tell your solution. Story tell by showing what results your solution gave to the character. What hurdles he had to go through in getting the solution and what it took for the character to get the results from your solution. 

Work On Your Digital Footprint 

If your brand is not able to be found on Google or social media then you might as well not even exist. That is the cold hard truth! Therefore, you need to create a digital platform on Google and social media. 

Google My Business and company pages are how you start building your presence on these platforms. Whilst building your presence ensure 

  • That it is a great representation of what your business is 
  • That it is clear how people can contact or buy from your business 
  • Your content on each of these platforms is kept up to date and has the correct business details 

Have Authority In Your Niche 

There is so much choice for customers to choose which brand to listen too when it comes to finding an answer to their problem. Ultimately, customers will always choose who they feel is the authority in that niche. 

Here are 3 strategies so you become that authority in your niche 

Strategy #1 Provide Real Value 

Real value means content that customers really do care about and answer ‘what is in it for me?’, that is ultimately what customers care about.  

Strategy #2 Be Consistent And Engage 

In providing real value, you want to be providing it on a consistent basis. To be consistent, create a strategy where you will always be delivering valuable content in whichever medium you prefer to do. Then schedule the content onto social media and interact with your social media following when they comment on the post. 

Strategy #3 Build Relationships 

Likewise, as you want to engage with your own social media following, you want to engage with other brands in your industry. Brands in your industry as you do not have to build relationships with direct competitors but brands that are in the same area as you.  

Building these types of relationships can lead to joint ventures. Joint ventures, where you refer customers to each other or combine efforts to give the customer a better result from their paid advertising campaigns.