The problem encountered by most businesses, and in particular growing SMEs, is that of communication and, in particular, the following question: how to make your company known when you have a limited budget? 

Most often, the marketing and communication budget for an SME is quite small, and managers are not sure how to take the problem because traditional media are often expensive and unsuitable. 

We are talking about traditional marketing for everything related to print advertisements, whether in newspapers and magazines, or even urban display advertisements, and also television advertising, for example.  

These supports, which are undoubtedly useful, are not at all adapted to the budget of a young SME, and because of their short-term effectiveness, their impact can also prove to be very complicated to manage for a small business.  

How then to compose a communication plan coherent with its means and its teams, without starting in a communication “with the means of the edge” generally ineffective? The web is particularly suited to this problem, and here at Media Jelly we’ve outlined some simple tips to integrate into your communication plan. 

1. Create and update your website 

The first thing to do if you haven’t already done so is to create your website. This will not only allow you to have visibility on the internet and a presentation window for your customers but also to take advantage of all the opportunities that web marketing offers.  

If you do not have the skills in-house, as a full-service marketing agency, we are able to build you a fully responsive website from as little as £249. Our web designers and developers based in Norwich have expertise with a multitude of platforms to create the perfect bespoke site to suit your business needs. 

Besides, do not hesitate to have an upstream reflection on all aspects of your site, whether in terms of graphics, architecture, and navigation, or content. To optimize your investment, it is necessary to take into account all the variables and all the opportunities that would increase your visibility.  

Current functionalities allow you to easily set up an online store, for example, if your activity lends itself to this type of business, so you can quickly recoup the investment costs incurred. 

Also, don’t forget to consider the importance of your site to offer more natural navigation on mobile devices via a responsive website or a dedicated mobile site, for example. The mobile is really a track to dig given its exponential progression in recent years and the opportunities it represents, especially for local shops. 

As mentioned in previous blog posts, it’s important to keep your site up to date and post blog / news articles regularly. This also helps with optimizing your site for search engines.  

2. Refine your target to lower your advertising costs 

Once your site has been created, and your marketing budget has been determined, one of the tricks to implement is that of precisely defining your target.  

The more precise you are in determining your potential customers, the more you will be able to carry out highly targeted advertising campaigns, and thus more effective and less costly. To do this, you can set up personas to precisely determine the profile of your prospects, from their main characteristics to their buying behavior. 

3. Optimizing your website and SEO 

Having a website is not only an excellent tool for presenting your business (although essential). It is also a unique way to be referenced on search engines and to reach your target quickly and more or less for free. 

We talk about SEO to address natural SEO topics. Indeed, a good optimization of your website is necessary for Google robots to locate you in the multitude of sites on the internet.  

And if you don’t have a lot of budgets, this is an exciting way to stand out. You will first need to find the most appropriate keywords for your industry to integrate them on your site, whether in your content directly or in your meta tags.  

To do this, you can use a keyword planner that will help you find new ideas for queries likely to be typed by your prospects, and to sort through your expressions and potential keywords based on the competition on those -this. 

Once you have laid the right foundations for your SEO, you will be able to tackle the broader SEM techniques more quickly, notably with paid SEO campaigns on search engines or on social networks. 

Do not hesitate to get help from SEO professionals or from Fuel teams for this technical subject, which is essential for the success of your site. You will also find many resources on the blog that can help you understand the mechanisms of natural referencing. 

4. Offer quality content 

In connection with this SEO comes the importance of content. Creating qualitative and regular content is the most effective way to quickly advance your SEO.  

Internet users are fond of innovative content that responds to their problems. So do not miss this opportunity to stand out in your sector, especially if it is a niche sector. 

Besides, writing content is a reasonably easy task to set up. If your budget is really very tight, just do it yourself or using your in-house skills, for example.  

It is always possible to subcontract this task, however, to free up your time by hiring specialized editors or journalists. They will allow you to have a certain regularity and to keep an absolute seriousness in your publications. 

5. Communicate on social networks 

Thanks to your content, you will be able to tackle social networks, and there are many! Choose systems that will be adapted to your activity: for example, LinkedIn if you are in a BtoB market or Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you are targeting the end consumer.  

Social networks are a compelling means of disseminating information, which can be relayed directly by users. Do not hesitate to make a publication plan to keep regular contact with your audience, and to participate in discussion groups on the topics that concern you. This type of action will have the advantage of increasing your visibility at the same time as your credibility in your field. 

At Media Jelly we manage social media channels for a multitude of businesses from all different industries. If you’re struggling to generate content, let us be your social media management agency and create bespoke content that aligns with your current marketing plans and business requirements. 

6. Have an original communication to make the buzz cheaply 

The more imaginative you are in your connection, the more users will notice you with a minimum of effort on your part. The most glaring example is that of companies that have managed to generate buzz with original or humorous campaigns, which have been able to be mass-disseminated via social networks.  

So do not hesitate to be creative and a little daring to stand out: organize a competition, distribute original goodies, create videos… 

Videos, especially posted on YouTube, are also a great way to get known at a lower cost. You can obviously present your products or even better answer a problem or questions that your potential customers are asking. 

Want to talk to a cost effective marketing and design agency based in Norwich, Norfolk? Here at Media Jelly, we’re all about being easy to talk to and offer free consultations to discuss your project requirements. Give us a call today on 01603 973523 and see how we can make Your Mould, Our Passion. 

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