The New Year gives reasons to review your own content marketing strategy and align it with the 2020 trends. 

We talk about content marketing if content relevant to the target group is published and does not end in the presentation of the product. Storytelling or advisory articles are essential elements of such marketing. Therefore, the objective is not to market products or services directly, but, for example, 

  • map the skills or experience of a company in relevant areas. 
  • To build trust. 
  • Allow direct communication and interactions between companies and customers. 
  • to further strengthen customer loyalty through entertaining and informative information about the company and its offerings. 

The importance of content marketing has been growing for years and is expressed in trends that must be kept in mind permanently, sometimes temporarily. In this article, we describe the top five content marketing trends for 2020. 

Trend 1: KISS it again, Kate! 

In marketing, the abbreviation KISS is synonymous with declaration: be brief and simple. The demand to keep statements as short and easy to understand as possible has been around for some years. It will continue to gain importance for content marketing in 2020. 

The reasons are obvious. On the one hand, Internet users are used to not reading texts, but searching for relevant information. It is only when value added is recognized that stakeholders begin to deal more intensively with all content. 

Another reason can be found in the range of channels that companies now fill with content. Many of them, like Instagram or Facebook, are not suitable for long content anyway. Therefore, contributions should be short and concise, with an emphasis on visual messages. 

But that doesn’t mean that long blog posts, tip articles, or e-books have become completely useless. These always belong to your own website or blog. However, advertising of this content should be based on the KISS principle, if possible. 

Trend 2: original, current, close to the customer: avoid boredom 

I already know, I have seen or read it thirty-twelve times … Nothing bothers users as much as the constant repetition of the same content, which we copy from the other and then come to our heart’s content. 

2020 content marketing trends are clearly in the direction of originality and current events, at this stage, acting original and publishing means that content is offered, the content of which comes from your own experience, surveys, measurements, analysis. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel or create your own market research institute. Trust your experience yourself if you want to convince others and bring content you are truly expert at. 

It works best if you also create current references. What is relevant or popular in your industry right now? What topics are hot for your target group? Where are the appropriate events taking place, what trade shows can you recommend, what is being discussed in the professional world or in the community? 

Don’t base your content marketing solely on what is already known or historical, show that you have the upper hand and that you are where there is something exciting and new to report. 

If you are looking for originality and topicality for concise conciseness or well-structured summaries, you also have the best chance of being frequently quoted, linked or mentioned in the news on various portals and search engines. 

Trend 3: take it personally 

Own notes are published; the authentic information of the company is there. In other words: don’t do anything anonymous or neutral in fact in 2020 and try to present your brand in a more personal and customer-oriented way. 

Ideally, you should already follow this content marketing strategy when you’re active on social media. Because users are fed up with faceless content marketing that they quickly recognize as such. Unique content auction doesn’t just apply to the content you submit. This also applies to the people behind. 

What makes you or your employees unique? What traits, ticks, quirks, and little secrets set you apart from the crowd? What relevant experiences and ideas can you share with others? 

Show not only what you are selling, but also who you are. Support yourself and your business, with your name and your face! 

Trend 4: live performances and interactions 

A trend that already started in 2019 goes in the same direction: live performances and interactions perfectly complement your content marketing. 

You will meet your customers and prospects live, for example, in videos that were not recorded before the first broadcast, but were actually broadcast live. Give your viewers the opportunity to participate through interactions. 

This is more difficult to implement for podcasts, which are also becoming increasingly important to content marketing strategy. This is where you bring movement and liveliness by inviting interesting guests with whom you can then create exciting live recordings. 

There are many other ways to deliver content and encourage interaction with or among members of your community, In joint webinars, for example, in group readings or discussions, in live contests, in quizzes, puzzled product announcements, and the like. 

By 2020, therefore, we can say that the infotainment, and in particular the gamification component, will be of particular importance. However, it is important not to get bogged down, but to choose the most effective formats for your business and products. Then use them in different ways so that on the one hand there is a recognition effect, but on the other hand the content is always new, current and exciting. 

Trend 5: constantly consider technological change in content strategies 

You should also take into account the progress and trends resulting from technological change in your content marketing strategy in 2020. In early 2019, Google made many adjustments. At the heart of technical change is artificial intelligence and the use of structured data. 

Both components affect if and how Google searches for and considers your content. Therefore, the way you structure your 2020 content, whether it is suitable for artificial intelligence, voice applications or even image search, will also affect the success or failure of your business. 

Conclusion: with the displacement and the displacement of the content towards the New Year 

2020 promises to be an exciting and exciting year in all respects, during which we see and hear a multitude of new content, activating and moving. Now try to adapt your previous marketing strategy to position yourself optimally for the years to come. 

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