If you are reading this, you are likely to be interested in Media Jelly and what we have to offer the businesses we work with. Now, this article isn’t going to be reasons why you MUST choose us as your marketing agency (that just isn’t our style!). What this article is going to outline the 4 main reasons why we think your business would benefit from using a marketing agency. Let’s get into it…

1 – Keep your marketing efforts aligned

Successful marketing is all about aligning your brand across all platforms including printed materials, your website and social media platforms. By working with you to put together an exciting marketing strategy and comprehensive plan, we ensure that everything published is of exceptional quality. We look after everything in-house to make sure your marketing and advertising content is aligned. We post content at the optimal time for your brand, target your key audiences and most importantly, look after it all so that you don’t have to.

2 – We have connections

Over the years, we have built up a whole range of connections within many different industries. Whether it be leading industry professionals or Instagram influencers, we have people that we can call upon to really accelerate your marketing efforts. Marketing agencies are a very sociable and friendly bunch and often collaborate to bring businesses the very best services.

3 – Save yourself time and effort

The main benefit of using an agency to take care of your business’ marketing is that it saves you time. We have found that most business owners struggle to get going with their marketing campaigns, and just coming up with an idea to start on may take them weeks. A lot of business owners panic about what, when and where they should post content. A marketing agency does all this for you, which means you have much more time to concentrate on what you do best – and that’s run your business.

4 – Knowledge and experience

Marketing agencies work with a whole range of different industries and this means they rack up a huge backlog of knowledge and experience that can be applied to any business. We know how to research, plan and most importantly, execute a marketing campaign that sees impressive results. This definitely does not mean a ‘one size fits all’ outlook, but we have a pretty good overview of how to kickstart a marketing plan from scratch.

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