Growing your social media accounts, whether it’s for business or personal use, can be difficult. With the sheer volume of content that is available coupled with the infamous ever-changing algorithms, it can be very hard to get your content and accounts noticed. Here are 4 tasks that you should carry out on a daily basis to help you to grow your social media following.

Make sure you’re posting content

It seems a pretty obvious point to make, but your followers follow you to see your content. If your account doesn’t look active, people will be put off from following you. ‘Stories’ are a fantastic way to show that you are present on social media, without you clogging up their feeds. Aim to post at least one story per day, as well as adding in traditional posts a 3-5 times per week.

Keep on top of your messages

If someone comments on one of your posts, make it a priority to respond. Whether that is a comment back or even just a like, it will make people aware that you are active on social media and ready to interact with them. If someone direct messages you, it is also extremely important that you respond as soon as possible. A delayed response could potentially lose you a customer for your business.

Follow other accounts

A great way to gain exposure is to follow other accounts within your industry and local area. Old advice would be to follow as many accounts as possible in order to gain the most exposure, but you should be more selective in your approach. Try to follow people who look like they fit your ideal customer persona.

One thing to bare in mind is to try and keep your follower/following count at an even ratio. An account doesn’t look too great if it is following 70,000 people, but only had 1,000 followers itself. Aim for a 60/40 split.

Engage with content

One of the best ways to grow your following on any social media platform is to engage with other users’ content. By liking and commenting on other posts, you are automatically getting your name out to more people, which in turn leads to more engagement on your own posts. Similar to the above step, try to aim for accounts who are within a similar industry or local area to yourself – this just helps with the dreaded algorithm.

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