Sadly with many Brits losing their jobs due to the wake of COVID-19, there are lots of people trying to think of new ways to earn money as there are more applicants than vacancies for full-time positions right now. You may already have a job, but need to supplement your wages a little to help with the cost of Christmas, Birthdays, a holiday next year. Whatever the reason, you want to make a few quid.

But it’s not quite that simple, right? Do you sell some of your possessions? I suppose that’s an option, but probably not the best one. Do you enter the lottery and hope for a great stroke of luck? Probably not.

So what are you to do? Thankfully, the internet has fundamentally changed how we make money. Now, there are dozens of ways to make extra cash through a variety of online techniques. We’re no longer forced to take traditional jobs in order to make money.

If you can imagine a way to make money, you can probably do it online.

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